Employment for Individuals with Intellectual, Cognitive, and Developmental Disabilities

The ARC Imperial Valley operates various vocational programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Adult Development Center provides center and community based activities with paid vocational opportunities for individuals over 18 years of age that require supervision at the 1 supervisor to 4 program participants ratio in center based activities. Closely related to the Adult Development Center is a unit called the Transition Unit, which provides similar services as the Adult Development Center for individuals over 18 years of age that benefit from a supervision ratio of 1 to 8. Both units are licensed by California’s Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division.

ARC Industries operates three different levels of paid vocational programs. They include a work activity program which has workshop component with community exploration, community based enclaves for individuals working in groups of three with a supervisor at various job sites with the ARC Imperial Valley as the employer. Individual placement opportunities may be available for those individuals who wish to work as employees of business other than the ARC but with the ARC providing training and support to create a successful placement. ARC Industries is CARF accredited: Community Employment Job Supports and Job Site Training and Organizational Employment.

Employment for Individual with Disabilities other than Intellectual, Cognitive, and Development

The ARC Imperial Valley provides employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities other than intellectual, cognitive, or developmental. Employment opportunities for people with mobility, sensory, or related disability as well as disabled veterans are encourage to contact the ARC Imperial Valley for available positions.

Helping Mentally and Physically Challenged People Achieve their Potential

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