The Maureen Kimball Adult Development Center

The consumers involved in the Maureen Kimball ADC program will have significant needs in both self-care and social development. We work closely with the consumer to identify the most appropriate methods for shaping independence and encouraging daily participation to make use of their existing abilities while receiving positive supports wherever needed.

Training activities will occur in the community, in natural settings, or in their respective program site. Various instructional materials and activities are developed according to individual strengths and needs. Non-aversive instructional plans are implemented using various training techniques such as demonstration, modeling, gesture prompting, visual cues, physical cues, role playing, pairing, bridging, group discussions, etc. As the consumer develops a skill, the fading of supports allows for the least restrictive method possible to facilitate the consumer’s continued improvement in that skill.



Instructional domains may include, but are not limited to:

  • Vocational Skills Instruction
  • Sensory Integration Instruction
  • Independent Living Skills Instruction
  • Personal Care Instruction
  • Recreational/Therapeutic Instruction
  • Social Skills Instruction
  • Community Awareness Instruction
  • Self-Advocacy Instruction
  • Suspected Abuse Instruction

Referral/Intake Procedure: Prospective consumers are referred by the San Diego Regional Center service coordinator to the ARC. ADC’s site supervisor meets with the prospective consumer and significant others to describe program services and to complete a consumer history/assessment. The consumer may then schedule a tour of the ARC Imperial Valley’s ADC program. If the consumer is still interested and deemed appropriate for the program, San Diego Regional Center will secure funding and a plan for commencement of services is then developed.